A Lesson to Pause

I have fallen ill.

With not a doubt in my mind that I had pushed past my physical limits, I have been down for about two days at home, feeling terrible with an unquestionable exhaustion equivalent to a half-marathon under the scorching sun.

Two days prior, I held a large group psychic reading session on past lives, had multiple readings and healings back to back after and a small family emergency popping up. It was only after the whole day was done that I realized I was like a car with an empty petrol tank running on negative.

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Can You Change the Future?

Recent Korean dramas have been shining the spotlight on psychic abilities – abilities that baffle and amaze classic humans and hence make the perfect plots for dramas. On air since some weeks ago, ‘While You Were Sleeping’ focuses on one psychic ability – precognition, one that is close to my heart and my life and possibly to a larger minority out there.

Precognition is the ability to see a future event while sleeping, mainly through your (vivid) dreams. There may be strong emotions and clear senses involved in your dream experiences just like a waking event. There is also an inner knowing; a knowing that some event is going to occur upon waking up.

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Human (or) Alien.

I’ve been getting a number of interesting reactions lately when I reply the all-common question shot at me, “What do you do (now)?”.

Incredulous stares (they can’t believe what they just heard), awkward laughter openly (they think I’m making a joke regardless of my tone) and awestruck looks (they think it’s amazing and that maybe I am an alien who can read every single thought in their innermost minds. Continue reading “Human (or) Alien.”